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College is starting !!

OMG had my first introduction today and we did speed dating lol that was hella funny…2morrow will be my second day of introduction…We’re going to explore Amsterdam yaay can’t wait ^^


When you try to think of a word and can only remember it in another language.


    We near never speak, but I do enjoy your presence on my dashboard.


    I wish I could become your best friend through the internet.

  • GREY:

    You leave me with jumbled words.

  • RED:

    I'm in love with you.

  • PINK:

    I have a crush on you.


    You're hot.


    I sincerely wish you would notice me.

  • TEAL:

    We have quite a lot in common.

  • BLUE:

    You are my Tumblr crush.


    I dislike your page.

  • WHITE:


  • GREEN:

    I find you cute.

  • BLACK:

    I would date you.

  • BROWN:

    I dislike you.



Fuck I’m walking downtown and I pass a group of guys staring at me and I think “great catcall time” but then one guy goes “you look like you could kill a man a million different ways with just your bare hands”. This. This is an acceptable comment to give a girl on the street.

English, Fear, Rapunzel ? :33

I speak four languages: Dutch, English, Arabic and Berber

I’m afraid of spiders, losing my parents/family and omg snakes

My three fave Disney movies are: Rapunzel, Snow White and Lion King Thanks for asking ^^


no emoji in the world can replace the depth of :/